Natalie Nachtwey is a Bay Area native who has had a lifelong passion for food and cooking. She spent five years working in high-end restaurant kitchens in San Francisco, where she learned diverse techniques and broadened her knowledge of preparing various cuisines. She's also spent extensive time in Italy working in agroturismos across Tuscany, where she practiced traditional cooking methods and different regional specialties. 


Madison Derek has worked as a restaurant manager, sommelier, and server for the past seven years in upscale restaurants across Los Angeles and San Fransisco. Her areas of expertise are in Italian and Spanish wine, as well as regional Mediterranean ingredients and cuisine. Her love of food and wine are paralleled only by her love of travel, which constantly inspires her to continue researching and learning. 


Natalie and Madison met working at Spanish restaurant, Aatxe, in San Francisco back in 2015. When they realized their shared passion for food, hospitality, and travel, they immediately bonded, throwing impromptu wine tastings and immersing themselves in the unique food and wine cultures, and bringing those traditions and flavors back home. 


They decided to put their years of work and expertise in the restaurant industry to create a business that brings the experience of dining out safely to your home. The menus are meant to transport guests to both familiar and foreign places while traveling remains difficult. We hope you enjoy!